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The Den



A small group of children attend the Den for four afternoons each week for play based learning. The learning focuses on:


  • Developing listening skills
  • Developing confidence
  • Developing social skills - learning to work and share with others                                                                                                           - learning to cope when situations do not go as they would wish them to                                                                                    - learning to play by the rules                                                                                                                             - learning to be more empathetic of other peoples' feelings                                                                                       - learning to react well when they win or lose                                                                                        Armed with these improved skills, the children will be able to cope better with the learning and behaviour expectations in their classrooms. They will then be able to reach their academic potential.

A photographic journal is kept for each child, which they are given to share with their parent/ carer when they have completed their Den experience.


What does a typical session in The Den consist of?


  • Each day Den begins with a short period of mindfulness or peer massage, this is a calm introduction to the session which is followed by a circle time.
  • Children will then take part in a focussed activity which may be in a small group with an adult or in a one to one  situation.  Examples of activities - cooking, planting, practising fine motor skills such as cutting and drawing, memory games, turn taking games, singing, Forest school, walks.
  • Every session includes time when children are given a choice of activities, this enables them to practise their social skills through role play, sharing, turn taking and communicating with their peers and adults.
  • Snack and chat time is a much looked forward to part of each Den session, where children have a drink and snack at the big table and join in conversation.
  • At the end of a Den session a book is chosen for everyone in the Den to share.


Look below to see all the different things we do in the Den

Over the past few weeks we have been thinking about things that make us feel good and what our perfect day would consist of.  We have been working on our listening skills by playing games and following instructions.  The children have made fruit kebabs and vegetable kebabs for our snack, talking about what food is healthy for us to eat.  During our Forest School sessions the children have been pond dipping and sound spotting.

During our sessions this week we have been working on our listening skills, following verbal instructions to complete tasks and playing listening games.

During one of the sessions this week, the children were introduced to one of our activities called playdough gym.  The children worked on their fine motor skills.  They were given verbal instructions to follow,  music played in the background, the children were also encouraged to listen to music and move in time to the rhythm.  They said they thoroughly enjoyed doing it!

Over the past three weeks the children have been introduced to a number of different characters.  Some of our focused activities have been based around these characters, we have played games and thought about whether the characters are caring, shy, loud, friendly etc.

Characters we have been looking at

During one of our sessions this week the children were introduced to Kind Kevin, Lazy Lucy, Mean Martin and Naughty Naomi.  We discussed the names and looked at some different scenarios involving Kind Kevin, Lazy Lucy, Mean Martin and Naughty Naomi.  We will be looking at different names and scenarios over the coming weeks. 

Story Time

Still image for this video
Mrs Reed singing The Twelve Days of Christmas to the children.
During our session on Thursday we made fat balls to feed the birds.  We have put them in the fridge ready to take out to Forest School next Thursday, where the children can hang them in the trees.


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