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Year 4

 Year 4   




                                    Mr Banks                         Mrs Bilsland

Support Staff              


                                       Miss Taylor                 Mrs Wilson                   



                       Mrs Reed                 Miss Russell               Miss Hughes


Welcome to Year 4!

Mr Banks and Mrs Bilsland teach in Year 4 with the support of Mrs Wilson and Miss Taylor.


Our topics this year are:


AUTUMN: Tenacious Tudors

SPRING: Colourful Cultures

SUMMER: Monsterology


New spelling words will be sent home every Thursday ready for the spelling quiz the following Thursday.


Reading books and records should come home but be brought back in everyday. Reading records will be collected weekly. Please help us to learn about your child's progress by writing in the reading records and signing to confirm when children read by themselves. Children will be responsible for changing their books as they finish them. 


Please keep a look out for photos of what we get up to as the term goes on! If you have any queries or questions please feel free to catch us after school or make an appointment. If you wish to message us our emails are:


Mr Banks:

Mrs Waterfield:



Autumn Term - Tenacious Tudors



During our Tenacious Tudors topic, we will be discovering the truth about Henry VIII and his six wives!  Our very own Ledbury is full of Tudor History so as part of our studies, we will be visiting local sites that have historical interest. This will give us plenty to write about in our literacy lessons and lots of inspiration for our artwork. We were very excited to receive a mysterious invitation to the Master's House and are busy learning all we can in preparation.


Our trip to the Painted Rooms and the Market House was a real highlight. Everyone enjoyed dressing up as Tudor characters for a crime and punishment scenario, decorating knot gardens and investigating the Painted Rooms through a historical treasure hunt.







So far this term we have investigated three different genres:

  • Non chronological reports
  • Defeating the enemy stories
  • Explanations


We have been inspired by our topic and used our historical knowledge to write these pieces. We learned lots about Henry VIII and his six wives for our non-chronological reports and set our defeating the enemy tales in Tudor Ledbury. Now we are preparing to write explanations for our 'Happy Henry Machines'; how do you keep a grumpy monarch happy?


To see examples of our writing so far, take a look outside our classrooms. Next, we will be moving on to learning and writing some Christmas poetry based on Michael Morpurgo's 'Coming Home.'



Our focus this term is on editing. Sometimes we do this independently, sometimes with a partner or with an adult. Our teachers give us feedback by speaking to us so we know what we need to edit or work on. We have been learning lots about parts of grammar and spelling rules and so we pay close attention to these when we edit.





Please help us by continuing to read with us at home, asking us questions about the ideas and vocabulary in our books and by helping us to learn our weekly spellings.





This term our main focus has been on place value and number followed by addition and subtraction. We have been practising using concrete apparatus such as Dienes and counters first of all before moving on to learning about formal methods, i.e. column subtraction and addition. Finally, we have been able to use these methods to solve 2-step word problems.








Our two science topics for the term have been electricity and sound.


4EW performed their class assembly all about electricity, teaching everyone about the parts of an atom and how electrons flow to create an electrical current. We have investigated conductors and insulators, made and tested our own complete circuits and created different types of switches to turn devices on and off.






Over the last few weeks we have explored sound in different ways by observing how sound is created through vibrations. We made string telephones to see if it was possible for sound to travel through a solid and then made pan pipes out of straws to see how different pitch sounds are created.









Grammar Information

Multiplication Games

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For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website, please contact the school office.