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At Ledbury Primary School we like to get our parents in to learn alongside their children in the classroom.  Here are some photographs from the years 1 and 2 'How we learn maths at school' event.
Dads exploring number with their children.
Mums learning about number from their sons.
Numicon is a colourful tool for learning maths.
Louisa and her mum enjoy exploring numicon.
Look at all of these calculations we can do!

Dirty Teaching - How to teach maths outside. Great training from Juliet Robertson

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum here.


Alongside learning maths at school, it is vital that your child is exposed to maths in every day life in a fun and exciting way.


Simple activities as described below can be used for all ages and abilities:


     -Getting your child to count out items to buy

     -Using money to pay

     -Comparing prices

     -Looking at weights on packaging

     -Working out how many days an item has left until its used by date


     -Weighing out ingredients

     -Doubling / halving recipes

     -Cutting up toast into different shapes

     -Using cookie cutters of different shapes

-Telling the time

     -How long until...?

     -Can you tell me when it is...?

     -If we left at....and it is now...., how long has it taken...?

     -If France is an hour ahead, what time is it there now?

-Walking/travelling to school

     -Looking at shapes

     -What numbers can you see?

     -Estimating the number of yellow cars you will see on a journey

     -Counting out your times tables as you walk


The most important thing for your child to experience is a positive attitude to maths - it's ok not to know the answer straight away or be right first time. Maths is a learning journey and regular practise and experience of maths will help your child when learning in the classroom.

For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website, please contact the school office.