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At Ledbury Primary School we are committed to delivering an exciting, child-led, enquiry based science curriculum.  We have worked with the children to decide what makes a great science lesson and used these ideas to inform our Principles of Teaching and Learning as laid out below.

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Through our curriculum we want the children to:

  • be inspired to find out more and confident to report their findings  
  • understand that science is open ended and there are always opportunities to discover more  
  • develop and share ideas and feel able to question these ideas and those of others based on evidence generated  
  • record in a variety of creative ways including the use of technology  
  • be assessed in a formative way which challenges them by providing the next steps  
  • confidently use scientific vocabulary 


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LPS has been awarded the Silver Primary Science Quality Mark

LPS has been awarded the Silver Primary Science Quality Mark  1
Science Club Ideas

Making a Cardboard Cannon

Deane shows how to make a cannon with a cardboard tube, a matchstick and a rubber band. It propels a soft foam ball into the air. The toy is quite safe.

How To Make A Balloon Rocket

This video shows you how to make a balloon rocket using string, a balloon, some masking tape and a drinking straw. More info on -, we have all the games, craft and activities you need to keep them happy. Lots of educational and easy ideas.

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Picture 2 Science club fun!
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Picture 4 milky magic at Science club
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Picture 6 Tasting our delicious butter
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Waving Zombie hand

Waving Zombie hand 1

For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website, please contact the school office.