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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.


At Ledbury we send two Councillors from each class to Council meetings where we discuss any issue brought to us from the children or staff.


We have also been very concerned about litter in and around school. We did a litter pick and then spoke to the whole school in an assembly about it and explained how plastic and other rubbish dropped in the playground can end up in the oceans where it can injure sea creatures. We made up a rota for each year group to take responsibility for picking up litter each week.


We have also spoken to the rest of the school about road safety and the need to 'be bright and be seen'. A competition was held to find the best road safety posters.


Previously we discussed over-crowding on the Key Stage 2 play equipment and drew up a rota so that different year groups used it on different days until the overcrowding was no longer a problem. 


Goodrich Primary School sent us a letter telling us they had written to the company that supplies their milk to Nursery and Reception children to ask them if they could use paper straws in the cartons instead of plastic ones. The company wrote back to say there was no demand for this. They asked us to write to our milk supplier. Our milk supplier is called 'Cool Milk'.

They wrote back and explaining they could not get suitable paper straws but they offered to send us some reusable beakers and to send the milk in 2-litre bottles. The staff in Reception and Nursery thought this was a brilliant idea, even if they had to do more washing up! Now the children are all using the beakers. Thanks Cool Milk!

Reception children enjoying milk from their 'Cool Milk' beakers

For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website free of charge, please contact the school office.