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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Ledbury Primary School is a truly inclusive primary school and all our staff ensure that every child is offered the opportunity to achieve their full potential, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).


A child has special educational needs if he or she has difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most other children of about the same age in a mainstream school. Some children will need extra help and support from us for some or all of their time at Ledbury Primary School.


I am Mrs Mason, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) at Ledbury Primary School. If you have any queries relating to your child or SEN provision, please feel free to contact me.            tel: 01531 632790





SEN policy and Information Report

Mental Health


MindEd is suitable for all adults working with, or caring for, infants, children or teenagers; all the information provided is quality assured by experts, useful, and easy to understand. They give adults who care for, or work with, young people:

  • the knowledge to support their wellbeing
  • the understanding to identify a child at risk of a mental health condition
  • the confidence to act on their concern and, if needed, signpost to services that can help.


Follow the link below for more information.





A guided meditation for children

In the Den, we practice Mindfulness. It helps us to calm down, focus and relax. Have a look at the YouTube link above if you would like to have a go!

For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website free of charge, please contact the school office.