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SEND Pupils

How does Ledbury Primary School provide for SEND pupils across the curriculum?


Our philosophy:

• Equally valued pupils

• Needs of each individual understood

• Our Belonging, Being and Becoming Curriculum designed to support all pupils in cultivating skills, values and knowledge

•. High expectations for all pupils

•. Appropriate teaching, learning and nurturing for all pupils to reach their potential

• All pupils entitled to a relevant and challenging education

• Fluid SEND register with regular monitoring and assessment for all children

• Equal partnership between parents, pupils and staff and outside agencies


This is how we ensure all children can access the curriculum:

• Key vocabulary/skills taught prior to/at the start of the unit/session

• Tasks may be broken down into small chunks with visual reminders

• Possible short breaks in between learning

• Consistent practice by all staff to ensure continuity for the child

• Teaching lessons using a range of different techniques

• More frequent repetition and revisiting to help make new learning stick

• Resources to scaffold/model learning and enable pupils to access curriculum

• Quality first teaching with specific reference to SEND pupils in planning

• Recognition of a different pace requirement in small groups


This is how it works:

• Planning using Individual Learning Plan (ILP) targets

• Teacher assessment and discussions with colleagues to determine appropriate initial

entry point for each child, ensuring that the child is sufficiently challenged

• Support when needed through small focussed intervention groups/one-to-one learning

• Close liaising between SENDCo, teachers, learning support practitioners, the child and their

parents/carers and other agencies

• Concrete, pictorial and abstract learning opportunities to make learning relevant in addition to practical aids such as coloured paper/overlays and wobble cushions


This is how we support:

• Outside agencies assessments are read by all staff working with the child to ascertain strengths and developments

• Planning documents include discrete focus on SEND pupils

• Positive use of mistakes/misconceptions in the learning environment, encouraging a growth mind-set

 Regular opportunities for parental meetings/support and communication in all year groups

• Family support, well-being interventions, drop-in sessions, targeted groups and individual



This is what you might typically see:

• Happy, engaged and proud learners

• Encouraging and nurturing adults

• Interventions led by experienced staff members

• Growth mind-set culture, encouraging perseverance and resilience

• Self-motivated children

• Children talking about, sharing and reflecting on their learning


This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

• Monitoring visits 

• Pupil progress meetings

• Teacher assessment

• Feedback books

• Review of children’s progress against their ILP targets


For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website free of charge, please contact the school office.