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Finance Information

    Summary of School Level CFR Data    
LEA Number         884  
DfE Establishment Number       2098  
School Name         Ledbury Primary School
Contact Name         Mrs J Rees  
Email Address
Phone number         01531 632940  
Year           2017-18  
Input System         XG10  
Data Preparation         Y  
Data version         FINAL  
Is this data for a full financial year?     Y  
Has cash or accrual accounting been used?   ACCRUALS  
Rates exempt         N  
Insurance         Y  
Opening Balances           £
OB01 (Opening Revenue Balance)       194,329
OB02 (Opening Community Revenue Balance)     0
OB03 (Opening Capital Balance)       35,118
Income Data           £
I01 (Funds delegated by the LA)       1,671,476
I02 (Funding for sixth form students)       0
I03 (SEN funding)           120,618
I04 (Funding for minority ethnic pupils)       0
I05 (Pupil Premium)           112,100
I06 (Other Government grants)       0
I07 (Other grants)           25,739
I08 (Income from facilities and services)       32,289
I09 (Income from catering)         17,713
I10 (Receipts from supply teacher insurance claims)   19,425
I11 (Receipts from other insurance claims)     0
I12 (Income from contributions to visits etc)     18,494
I13 (Donations and/or voluntary funds)       31,011
I15 (Pupil focused extended school funding and/or grants)   0
I16 (Community focused school funding and/or grants)   0
I17 (Community focused school facilities income)     0
I18 (Additional Grants for Schools)       81,256
Expenditure Data           £
E01 (Teaching staff)           969,411
E02 (Supply staff)           0
E03 (Education support staff)         364,122
E04 (Premises staff)           72,059
E05 (Administrative & clerical staff)       86,955
E06 (Catering staff)           0
E07 (Cost of other staff)         51,339
E08 (Indirect employee expenses)       3,151
E09 (Staff development & training)       20,249
E10 (Supply teacher insurance)       9,511
E11 (Staff related insurance)         3,987
E12 (Building maintenance and improvement)     33,839
E13 (Grounds maintenance and improvement)     3,702
E14 (Cleaning & caretaking)         2,734
E15 (Water & sewerage)         5,018
E16 (Energy)           15,202
E17 (Rates)           40,476
E18 (Other occupation costs)         5,543
E19 (Learning resources)         56,052
E20 (ICT Learning Resources)         8,632
E21 (Exam fees)           0
E22 (Admin supplies)         7,568
E23 (Other insurance premiums)       8,122
E24 (Special facilities)         448
E25 (Catering supplies)         105,021
E26 (Agency supply staff)         5,945
E27 (Bought in professional services - curriculum)     86,526
E28 (Bought in professional services - other)     46,394
E29 (Loan interest)           0
E30 (Direct revenue financing)         0
E31 (Community focused school staff)       0
E32 (Community focused school costs)       0
Capital Income Data           £
CI01 (Capital income)         8,951
CI03 (Voluntary income)         11,000
CI04 (Direct revenue financing)       0
Capital Expenditure Data         £
CE01 (Acquisition of land and existing buildings)     0
CE02 (New construction conversion and renovation)   48,601
CE03 (Vehicles, plant, equipment and machinery)     1,590
CE04 (Information and communication technology)     0
Balances             £
B01 (Committed Revenue Balances)       312,444
B02 (Uncommitted Revenue Balances)       0
B03 (Devolved Formula Capital Balance)       4,878
B05 (Other Capital Balances)         0
B06 (Community focused school revenue balances)     0

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