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Books we love in Y6...

Although many children in Year 6 are fluent readers, it is still important for them to be listened to at home. Reading is a great way for children to deepen their subject knowledge, learn knew vocabulary and ignite their imagination. It also provides an opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills when discussing books with others.


Children should be taking their reading book and diary home every day. We expect the children to have a record of reading at home in their diary 3 times per week. We encourage the children to write a comment in their diary and make reference to what they have read that day e.g. I really liked it when..., It really surprised me when..., On page 7, I was really interested in finding out about...


If your child is writing their own comments, we ask that you monitor each week and add your own comment if you have heard them read or had a discussion about what they have read.


Please use the links below to guide you in asking a variety of questions that will challenge your child and help them in answering questions about other texts in school.


Every week reading diaries will be collected in and checked.  If you have been unable to read / record in the diary during a particular week then please let us know.


We have a wonderful library at school so please encourage your child to choose some books to read at home.

For any paper copies requests for any of the documents on the website free of charge, please contact the school office.