Ledbury Primary School

Determined to Succeed

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Reception Curriculum

At Ledbury Primary School we want children to be happy, confident and have a determined to succeed attitude to their learning. We provide them with a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn and explore. Children have lots of opportunities to facilitate their own learning through carefully resourced provision areas, and adults support children through high quality interactions. 


Throughout the year we use a wide variety of books as stimuli and use engaging and purposeful activities to immerse the children in their learning.


Reading is a central part of our curriculum and we aim to pass our love of reading to the children.  


In Maths we begin the year with a strong focus on developing a sense of number.  We examine different values and look carefully at how they can be divided into different groups.  Once this knowledge has been developed and children are confident in knowing how to recognise different quantities, we build on these skills by moving on to addition and subtraction.  Children are taught to reason their answers and solve problems independently.





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